1st Visit 

A comprehensive health history including full health history, review of medications and supplements, discussion about the vision you have for your health and life. Discussion of labs which may help understand your health. Begin to develop a plan of care. Please note insurance does not always cover the labs we use in integrative care.

If you are an adult seeking ADHD care and have not had a neuropyschological evaluation done, you will need to complete a Cognifit test prior to our first appointment.  Our office will order this for you once payment method provided. 

Please have your blood pressure and heart rate taken before the first visit (can be done at a pharmacy, typically, or you can order a blood pressure cuff online).

We will not schedule your first appointment until your paperwork is complete, so do not delay!

2nd Visit

Review labs and continue to work on plan of care. Discuss medication, supplement, and other treatment options.

3rd and subsequent visits

Continue to monitor and support your goals, making adjustments as needed. 

What if I have questions in between visits?

We will do our best to answer quick, non-emergent questions via your patient portal within 2 business days. This is only for brief questions related to appointments, labs, meds, etc. 

If you have a detailed questions regarding your care, please schedule an appointment.  

This allows full attention to your question and concern. 

What ages do you treat?

We generally see those who are 18-60. However, we do occasionally see younger children for consultation only (no medication management).

We do not currently see anyone with persistent severe mental health conditions or diagnoses such as schizophrenia, bipolar 1, psychosis, or anorexia nervosa. We do not treat substance use disorder (including alcohol use disorder) or offer evaluations for court or legal proceedings. 

By using our services you acknowledge the following: I understand that Clarity Health (CH) is considered adjunct, consultative care and is not considered to be a provider of my primary, acute or urgent care at any time. I acknowledge the need to obtain and maintain a relationship with a primary care provider of my choice to provide advice and treat any acute, chronic or urgent medical needs that are unable to be addressed in a consultative telemedicine/virtual practice environment by Clarity Health.


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