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What to Expect

Comprehensive First Visit

Tell your story. Begin steps toward wellness. Option to order additional functional labs based on discussion and your preferences.Some labs may be essential in your care. 

Functional Medicine labs are very detailed, are often sent out to a functional testing center and take about 2-3 weeks for results.

1 to 1 1/2 hours, includes review of labs and a comprehensive initial plan.

Most new clients will work with us monthly for 6 months to start. We’ll work with you and dig for root causes, and develop a personalized healing plan. Some only need a few visits while others will work with us for a year or more. It all depends on you. There are some who will stay with us long term for ongoing medication management.  

We generally try lifestyle and nutritional changes first but use medication when needed. Unless you are already on a medication, we do not start medication at the first visit. We like to consider the testing results and review of previous records first. 

Second Visit

We will plan to review the results of labs in detail at our follow up visit when we will check-in, review results, optimize your wellness plan and target treatment as needed.

If we decide traditional medication is right for you, this is the visit we dive into that conversation.

Third & Subsequent Visits

We will continue to assess how your treatment plan is going, make adjustments as necessary and complete your overall wellness plan.

Or, enter the next phase of your food plan, gut health repair, detox or adrenal support.


Comprehensive Initial Visit: $350

Second and Subsequent Visits: $150--225

Hormone/Thyroid only: Varies depending on time needed

Medication management only: Ask about pricing

Full time college students or those with medical sharing plans: Ask about special pricing

Small Green Plants
Cactus Plant

Insurance & Payment

We do not work with or bill insurance companies.

I ask you to consider how much you value your health and if the investment is worth it.  My greatest hope is that we would work together for a short time and that you find true healing.  I would love for you to no longer need my care.  For this reason, my desire it to practice without restriction and with your best interest in mind.  We want more for your health.


Payment is due at the time of service and a credit card or debit card deposit is required at the time the appointment is made. It is your responsibility to call your insurance company so that you are fully aware of what your benefits are and to understand the extent of your potential reimbursement of payment for our services from your insurance company.  We are happy to provide a superbill which you may submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Our services qualify for HSA or FSA reimbursement.

We are not able to see any patient who is currently covered under Medicare or Medicaid at this time due to state and national regulations.

If you are a self-supporting college student or a member of a medical sharing program, please ask about special rates. If you have special circumstances, please reach out. 

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