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Jen Miller, PMHNP/Founder

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

A decade ago I experienced a radical health transformation. I was exhausted, depleted, and struggling to live the life I dreamed about. I spent years trying everything conventional medicine taught me to do. I was motivated to change, but nothing seemed to work. This was not the vision I had for my life or for the life of my family. I started on a journey to find a new way forward.  

What I discovered was functional medicine. Functional medicine goes beyond the surface and seeks the root cause of health dysfunction. I studied hormones, gut  gut health, nutrition, stress, immune function and adrenal fatigue. I radically changed my diet. I became excited about exercise. I began to reduce stress through good sleep habits.  I sought connection through relationships and pouring into others. I not only regained my health but found emotional freedom. I now have freedom to dream about what comes next.

I am no longer satisfied with treating symptoms. Your body was created to do amazing things and my goal is to help you heal, transform and find freedom.


Dually Certified as a Family Nurse Practitioner and Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Master of Science in Nursing from Vanderbilt University

Post Masters in Psychiatric Mental Health from University of New Hampshire

ADHD Intensive Training, Psychiatry Redefined

Current Fellow, Integrative Psychiatry, Psychiatry Redefined


Functional medicine training through the Institute of Functional Medicine, the Arizona Institute for Integrative Medicine, the Kresser Institute

17 years in family practice, pediatrics, and women’s health

10 years in crisis counseling

Colorado College Counseling Center​, Colorado Springs, CO

Thrive Integrative Psychiatry, McMinnville, CO

Brightside Health, Telepsychiatry

Vytal Health, Functional Medicine, Madison, WI

Integrative Wellness & Psychiatry, Centennial, CO

Hope Clinic for Women, Nashville, TN

Yakima Valley Farm Workers Clinic & Lincoln Avenue Pediatrics & Women's Health, Yakima, WA

Dream Centers Women's Clinic, Colorado Springs, CO

Jen Miller, PMHNP/Founder
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