what type of thyroid meds do you use?

It all depends on you.  We use armour, nature-throid, wp thyroid, compounded thyroid as well as synthroid & cytomel in come cases. We use what is best for you based on your labs.   

We often recommend thyroid supplements as well to support thyroid function. 

what labs do you normally order?

We order a complete thyroid panel  along with a micronutrient panel as your body needs micronutrients for your thyroid hormones to work properly. 


Common labs: TSH, Free T4, Free T3, Reverse T3, Thyroperoxidase Antibodies, & Thyroglobulin Antibodies, Zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Copper, Ferritin

We always check for Hashimoto's!

what if I have questions in between visits?

We will do our best to answer quick, non-emergent questions via your patient portal within 2 business days. This is only for brief questions related to appointments, labs, meds, etc. 

If you have a detailed questions regarding your care, please schedule an appointment.  

This allows full attention to your question and concern. 

do you take insurance?

Because we wish to practice with freedom and without strings, we do not do not take insurance. We are happy to provide a form which you may use to submit to your insurance company. They may reimburse a portion.  You may also use HSA funds to cover your visits and labs.  

We think you will find our prices competitive when compared to other healthcare options

We do offer a discount for members of a health care sharing program. 

what other testing do you offer?

We offer comprehensive testing options based on your health needs. Some of our offerings...

Food sensitivity testing

Gut health including SIBO

Hormone panels

Genetic testing

Thyroid panel

Heavy metal testing

Nutritional analysis

We also offer consultation regarding labs based on the time needed

Ask us about our brief consultation option!

what if I have an urgent need?

By using our services you acknowledge the following: I understand that Clarity Health (CH) is considered adjunct, consultative care and is not considered to be a provider of my primary, acute or urgent care at any time. I acknowledge the need to obtain and maintain a relationship with a primary care provider of my choice to provide advice and treat any acute, chronic or urgent medical needs that are unable to be addressed in a consultative
telemedicine/virtual practice environment by CH.

I understand that CH is not available to address urgent or acute care needs. CH does not maintain an answering service or any “on-call” services to address any medical needs. I agree to have any urgent, acute or emergency care needs addressed by contacting my primary care provider’s office, calling 911 emergency services or by proceeding to an urgent care facility or the emergency department of a hospital, whichever is appropriate.

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