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  • Jen Miller

My Favorite Books!

Getting healthy takes work.

It is not for the faint of heart. However, take heart. You do not have to figure it all out on your own. I have compiled a list of my favorite books to get you going as you start your journey.

bookshelf with flowers

You don't have to do it all right away. Pick a step that makes sense to you and start there. When you are ready for help in the journey, come and see me! If you are super busy like we all are, choose the audio book and listen while you walk, commute, sit through soccer practice.

1. The Mood Cure by Julia Ross

This book helps identify certain patterns in behavior, thinking, and mental health then recommends supplements which may help. I do recommend that you use this advice to build your knowledge, but that you work with a knowledgeable clinician before you start any regimen. Some of the supplements recommended can interact with medication and behave like medication. So, be sure to work with a clinician who knows all about these interactions.

2. Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud & Dr. John Townsend

Let's be real. How many of life's problems could be solved by setting healthy boundaries. In work. At home. With parents or children. This book gives you permission to set boundaries with love and compassion before you get to the boiling point. Check out the other's in the series: Boundaries in Dating, Boundaries in Marriage, Boundaries with Kids.

3. The Mind-Gut Connection by Dr. Emeran Mayer

Do you know that you have more serotonin receptors in your gut that you do in your brain? What would it look like to get your gut health? Seriously, this is the starting point for everyone looking to really get radically healthy. Functional medicine is all about foundational health. Get it right from the ground up.

4. The Hormone Cure by Sara Gottfried, MD

Don't let anyone tell you that "It is just a part of aging." Dr. Gottfried's book outlines the benefits of optimizing your hormones from an early age. Start early!!!

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