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  • Jen Miller

What kind of remodel do you want?

white kitchen

Let us just say your kitchen is in desperate need of a remodel. It has been functioning perfectly well since 1986, but every time you walk in you feel blah and uninspired. You try replacing the curtains, toss in a new rug, buy some new towels and perhaps a beautiful new set of dishes. It is not enough. It still looks like the same old kitchen.

One day, you think “I can’t work in this kitchen anymore.” The linoleum floors are faded, the cabinet doors creak a little, and the oven just does not reach 350 degrees every time. Does it work? Yes. However, it leaves you longing for the new restaurant down the road rather than inspiring you to cook.

Time for a remodel.

A serious, professional remodel. Not the DIY type, but the kind that an experienced kitchen planner helps you develop. The kind where professionals guide your planning and help you catch a vision for your new dream kitchen.

You meet with the planner and he or she creates a vision of a kitchen. Something you never would have come up with on your own. You know it will take hard work and sacrifice, but you catch a vision for the beautiful kitchen you will have in the end. Suddenly, you are thrilled with the idea of cooking in your new beautiful kitchen.

Imagine your health is like your old kitchen. It is serviceable, it works on a daily basis, but it is not inspired. It may even feel creaky and worn. You do not wake in the morning excited about your body, health or life. You have tried various eating plans and vitamins on your own. You jumped on the keto, paleo, low-fat, garcenia cambogia train and felt a little better, but still not yourself. Certainly not the 30-year-old self you dream about.

Consider what it would look like to work with a professional who will look beyond the pretty towels and new rug. Someone who will help you create a detailed plan for your overhaul. Someone who catches your vision for your health and gives you the tools you need to succeed in your vision.

Like the kitchen, it takes some investment and time, but you end up with a beautiful product. Just like meeting with a kitchen planner for a consult can help a little, meeting with a clinician for a one-time visit can help a little. However, there is only so much planning you can do in a single visit.

What if you jump all in?

What would happen if you say, "I am in this for the next 12 months because I am committed to the big change". By choosing to commit to the long-term, you are saying “My remodel is important.” I am important. My health is worth the investment.

I would love to be your planner. Take a looks here to discover how I view health and the details of how we work together to help you rediscover the best you.

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