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  • Jen Miller

Welcome to Clarity Health & the World of Functional Wellness!


My name is Jen and I am a psychiatric and family nurse practitioner. You have stumbled upon my rants, musings, and general brain dump on all things health. I have a lot of opinions on health! I have traveled the traditional medical road and hold a deep level of respect for the knowledge and wisdom of all of those who have come before me. I have also come to discover and believe there are deep paths to healing than a "pill for every ill."

Fair warning: nearly everything I talk about I have tried personally which is why I am so passionate about getting to the root cause. I have experience radical transformations when I have taken the time and put in the work.

community gardening

Nutrition, Gut Health, Hormones, Sleep, Community

I consider all of these things. It is so, so important to take a step back and consider all of the areas of your life as you begin to take the health journey. Ask your self: Am I ready?

Join The Wellness Community we jump in and try to understand this complex world of functional and integrative health. I am a huge fan of common sense medicine used in conjunction with evidence based medicine. I believe so many providers rely on "evidence based" and forget the common sense part. They can forget that each person is so radically unique that rarely is there a simple answer. I love solving this puzzle!

What's Next?

Discovering health is a messy, beautiful, intricate process and, let's be are the one doing all of the hard work. I am here to simply walk the road with you.

Reach out now for a free Intro Call to see it if might work for you!

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