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Counseling Resources

A good therapist is like a surfing coach. They can't alter the waves that have come before or those that are to come, but they can guide and coach you on which waves to ride and how to stay on the board (any maybe enjoy the wave).

Types of Therapy

There are so many types of therapy. Just because CBT didn't work for you doesn't mean all therapy will not work. What about a strengths-based approach? An existential approach? Need an approach that is tangible with assignments and boundaries? What about someone that works specifically with ADHD or disordered eating? Don't give up. There is a therapist out there for you!



Rebecca Putna, LPC

TMS-Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Portland- Cascade TMS

McMinnville - Thrive Integrative Psychiatry



Katie Steinert, LPC

The Heart Matters

Forge Counseling Collective


Colorado Springs

The Heart Matters


choose clarity. choose focus. choose health.

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