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Wellness Services


Mental Wellness

The Mental Wellness program is a comprehensive, root cause approach to Mental Health which includes a full health history, review of medications and supplements, discussion about the vision you have for your health and life. Begin to develop a plan of care. We will also determine at this visit if you would benefit from a higher level of care.  

We may advise Cognifit or other testing prior to our first visit and may recommend a full complement of functional labs to help identify barriers to your ideal mental health.  


Thyroid Wellness

The Thyroid Wellness Program is for women who seek to restore thyroid balance. Common symptoms might include fatigue, menstrual irregularities, new irritability, sudden changes in sleep, shifts in mood and energy, loss of muscle tone, weight gain, dry skin and nails, bowel changes.  We take a individualized approach to thyroid restoration.


Nutritional Wellness

Our Nutrition Program offers specialty labs to identify food allergies & sensitivities as well as nutritional deficiencies. We spend time reviewing your values around food and work to find a plan that optimized your nutrition. This plan will include both a nutrition plan as well as targeted supplements to support your ideal health. 



Each person is unique and should receive an individualized plan of care. We use genetic testing to gain insight into how your body might respond to various medications based on your pharmacogenomics. There is a growing body of evidence surrounding the use of single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) to gain understanding in how your brain and body works. We have extensive experience ordering and interpreting these tests and believe they offer tremendous insight for many. Take a look at some of the lab options here.  

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