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Personalized, integrative care. Wouldn't it be great to figure out the big "WHY" of your condition?  Let's work together get to the root cause of your symptoms. Clarity Health's mission is to help you regain your joy, your energy, and your dreams!

Areas of Expertise

ADHD, Anxiety, Depression, Thyroid
Nutritional Healing, College Students, Professionals, Genetic Testing
We do not treat the following conditions: bipolar 1, schizophrenia, psychosis, drug or alcohol use disorder, borderline or other personality disorders, or any severe/persistent mental health conditions
We are not accepting new patients under 18 for medication management but will gladly see younger patients for consultation for nutrition, genetics, food sensitivities

""My mission is to help you discover your ideal health. 

I am passionate about your physical, emotional and spiritual health and desire to take the journey with you.


I am traditionally trained and use evidence-based care along with a deep dive into the root cause of your condition to discover the solution for you. I am experienced in traditional methods, but have discovered there is better way through a holistic approach.


Together, we come up with a plan that works for your life."

--Jen Miller, MSN, FNP, PMHNP


I love Jen Miller!  She's informative, great listener, encouraging and kind. Very well versed in understanding my thyroid problem and I am beginning to feel so much better! So thankful!

Meeting with Jen made me feel like someone was listening to me and we thoroughly went through my history. I don't recall having a health professional ever look at my entire life's health history. This experience has offered me hope that someone might be able to guide me through these confusing, complicated and misunderstood thyroid and hormone issues. I have a renewed outlook after meeting with Jen.

Jen is really knowledgeable. The fact that I am finally being heard about what is going on with me and I don't fall into a statistic.  I was impressed with Jen in addressing all my needs and questions.


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